Arti Base- 2 kg

Arti Base- 2 kg
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  • Manufacturer: Cavalor

CAVALOR Arti Base contains the nutrients to keep joints in good condition. It is indicated for use in those cases when it is not necessary to use products with anti-inflammatory properties for the joint: - young growing horses - old horses with chronic joint problems - after a treatment of Cavalor Arti Matrix - sport horses in periods of hard work (ex. competition season) For optimal nutritional support, it is recommended to administer Cavalor Arti Matrix® the first 2 months when acute or severe chronic problems occur. Composition of the product Cavalor Arti Base contains glucosamine's, chondroitin sulphate, microcrystalline hydroxy apetite compound (MCHC) and MSM and those minerals important in joint health like copper, zinc and manganese. It also contains vitamin C. 2 kg

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