Recovery EQ- 2.2 lbs

Recovery EQ- 2.2 lbs
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  • Manufacturer: Biomedica Labs
Developed to improve circulation to tissues, speed repair and slow or halt tissue damage. The primary active ingredient of Recovery EQ is Nutricol, a potent blend of naturally-occurring substances derived from foods that have been shown in numerous clinical studies to profoundly affect cell health. Recovery EQ has spent 10 years in development. Its primary active ingredient, Nutricol, is a proprietary blending of plant nutrients known as polyphenols. These are the same substances that have made green tea and red grapes the subject of much scientific study in recent years. Nutricol decreases trauma - from chronic lameness, surgery, injury and over-training ? by both increasing the cell's resistance to damage and improving its ability to repair damage. 2.2 lbs
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